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Discover a Wide Range of Quality Hearing Aids

Buchanan Audiologists is delighted to bring you a diverse selection of hearing aids from top global manufacturers.

Our status as an independent audiology clinic means we offer you advice that's 100% impartial. We focus on selecting the best hearing technology to match your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Our wide-ranging portfolio covers everything from basic models to nearly invisible devices, ensuring you find a hearing solution that's just right for you.

Plus, if you need repairs, we can fix hearing aids from any manufacturer.

Find out more about the manufacturers we work with below. Choose Buchanan Audiologists for a hearing solution that truly understands you.

Learn more about the hearing aid manufacturers we work with below:

Phonak has been a worldwide leader in crafting and delivering cutting-edge hearing solutions for over half a century. Phonak transforms lives with a legacy built on excellence by creating unparalleled auditory experiences. Isn't it time you experienced the superior sound quality for yourself? Want to know more Click Here

Oticon stands at the forefront of digital hearing aid technology, ceaselessly pioneering groundbreaking innovations. With Oticon, you're not just getting a hearing aid but investing in a brighter, clearer auditory future. Why settle for less when you can experience the pinnacle of sound enhancement?

Widex is a global powerhouse in hearing aid manufacturing and the world's sole CO2-neutral provider in the field. By choosing Widex, you're not just elevating your auditory experience; you're making an eco-conscious choice for a sustainable future. Isn't it time to make a difference in both your hearing and the planet?

Starkey provides top-of-the-range hearing systems tailored to meet any your diverse needs and preferences. With their cutting-edge technology and modern solutions, Starkey sets the gold standard in auditory enhancement. Why not elevate your hearing experience to new heights with a brand that truly understands your needs?