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How is hearing Loss Diagnosed? Read on to find out more

The sensation of sound is an invaluable facet of our daily lives. From the joyous melodies of your favourite songs to the comforting sound of a loved one's voice, our ability to hear enriches our experiences in countless ways. But what happens when your hearing starts to wane? The good news is that hearing loss is diagnosable and often treatable, especially when you're in the hands of the right professionals.

Why Choose Buchanan Audiologists and Our Consultant Audiologist Eilene?

If you're searching for expert care and state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, look no further than Buchanan Audiologists, led by our esteemed consultant audiologist Eilene. Renowned for her wealth of knowledge and personable approach, Eilene ensures that each patient leaves our clinic with a comprehensive understanding of their hearing health and a tailored treatment plan.

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Eilene Hearing Test - Otoscope

The Initial Consultation

Your path to better hearing starts with a meticulous initial consultation. Our consultant audiologist, Eilene will delve into your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and explore your lifestyle to gather crucial information about your hearing health. After an exhaustive dialogue, the diagnostic tests commence.

Advanced Diagnostic Tests

  • Pure-Tone Audiometry: This test measures the faintest sound you can hear at various pitches.
  • Tympanometry: This technique assesses the condition of your middle ear and how well your eardrum moves.
  • Speech Audiometry: This method gauges your ability to hear and interpret speech in different environments.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs): This test evaluates the functioning of the hair cells in your inner ear.

Expert Analysis

The results are compiled following the tests into an audiogram—a graphical representation of your hearing capabilities. Eilene meticulously analyses this data to accurately diagnose whether a temporary hearing issue or a more enduring condition like sensorineural hearing loss.

Eilene Hearing Test - Headphones


Customised Treatment Plan

Once Eilene diagnoses your condition, you'll receive a personalised treatment plan to address your specific needs. Be it hearing aids, cochlear implants, or lifestyle recommendations, Eilene ensures the best course of action for you.

The Buchanan Audiologists' Difference with Eilene

  • Expert Care: Eilene, our consultant audiologist, brings years of unparalleled experience to your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Innovative Technology: Our clinic boasts the latest diagnostic tools for accurate and reliable results.
  • Client-Centred Approach: Under Eilene's guidance, you'll experience care that keeps you informed and comfortable from start to finish.

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