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Hearing Aids

Choosing Buchanan Audiologists isn't just a decision - it's an investment in your auditory health, quality of life, and connection to the world around you. Your hearing aid fitting shouldn't be a rushed 'click and fit' process. You deserve the time, precision, and personalised approach Buchanan Audiologists is committed to providing.

In your hearing aid fitting with Eilene, our dedicated consultant audiologist, you'll experience the power of real-ear measurements. This method places a fine-tuned focus on you. The procedure uses a thin probe microphone placed within your unique ear canal to measure the sound pressure level provided by your hearing aid, considering the particular characteristics of your ear canal.

Why is this essential for you? Like a fingerprint, every ear canal is unique in size, shape, and acoustics. These unique features affect the delivery and perception of sound. Real-ear measurements allow us to account for these effects precisely, ensuring your hearing aid is not just good but perfectly calibrated for you.

Additionally, Eilene applies the speech-in-noise fine-tuning process to your hearing aids. This method allows you to hear clearer and better, even in noisy environments. This commitment to detail, personalised care, and the application of innovative techniques sets Buchanan Audiologists apart.

The benefit for you is not just in the enhanced sound quality but also in the comfort, ease, and confidence you experience in your day-to-day interactions. From quiet conversations to lively gatherings, we ensure your hearing aids work flawlessly in all settings.

Why compromise your hearing health with an off-the-shelf solution when you can experience the Buchanan difference? Trust us for a comprehensive, bespoke, and dedicated approach to your hearing needs.

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You deserve to hear the world at its finest, and we're here to make it happen.


Unleashing Your World of Sound with the Latest Hearing Aid Technology at Buchanan Audiologists

Hearing connects us to the world. It's not just about sounds; it's about communication, safety, and social interaction. At Buchanan Audiologists, we understand the impact of hearing loss on daily life and offer the best solutions to restore the clarity and volume of your world. We introduce you to the revolutionary advances in hearing aid technology that empower you to hear, live and love every moment. 

Experience the Future of Hearing Technology

The latest generation hearing aids are a world apart from the devices of the past or even those you might receive from the NHS. They offer an incredible leap in audio quality, comfort, and functionality. Here’s why they stand out:

1. Enhanced Sound Quality: The cutting-edge digital processing capabilities provide crystal clear sound, significantly improving speech understanding in noisy environments.

2. Advanced Noise Reduction: Modern hearing aids intelligently reduce background noise and focus on important sounds, such as speech, improving your overall listening experience.

3. Connectivity: The latest models can seamlessly connect with your smartphones, TVs, and other devices, giving you the ultimate convenience of streaming audio directly to your hearing aids.

4. Rechargeability: Forget about constantly changing batteries. The newest hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries that last all day on a single charge.

5. Personalised Sound Settings: These devices are not "one-size-fits-all." They can be customised and adjusted to suit your hearing profile and preferences, ensuring you get the most out of your hearing aids.

6. Discreet and Stylish Designs: The latest hearing aids are compact, elegant and almost invisible.

Why Choose Buchanan Audiologists?

Being independent, we are not tied to any single manufacturer, enabling us to offer you a wide variety of the best hearing aids from leading global brands. Our goal is to match you with the right solution that fits your lifestyle, hearing needs and budget.

We are here to guide you through understanding your hearing loss, selecting the right hearing aid, and getting accustomed to it. 

Our comprehensive hearing tests allow us to understand the nuances of your hearing loss and provide personalised hearing solutions.

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Evidence That Backs Our Claims

Several studies have shown the superiority of the latest hearing aids over older or NHS hearing aids:

- A 2017 study in the journal "Hearing Review" indicated that modern digital hearing aids significantly improved speech understanding in noisy environments compared to older models.
- The Journal of American Academy of Audiology, in a 2018 study, found that the latest hearing aids provided high user satisfaction due to their advanced features and improved sound quality.

The world of sound awaits you. Don't miss out on the joys of life. Reach out to Buchanan Audiologists and discover the difference the latest hearing aid technology can make in your life. 

Remember, you're not just choosing a hearing aid but a lifetime of sound, connection, and experience. Call us at 01634 747045 to Book Your Comprehensive Hearing Test Today!